Transitioning to Fall

imageI had a really wonderful summer filled with trips around our beautiful province, British Columbia. We hung out at Spanish Banks (our local
beach), toured the BC Interior picking up a couple of cases of delicious VQA wines, and had my hubby’s family visit us from Venezuela. We also got to be part of a family and close friends beautiful weddings and got some hiking in around the local mountains.

Now with the weather transitioning from the very hot Summer that we had here in Vancouver, to cooler Fall-like days, I always find myself reaching for a few favorite items… my crochet hook, so that I can start creating some fun things to keep warm this fall and winter (and maybe some gifts too!), a mug of warm tea to keep cozy and warm on cooler days, and my lip balm to keep my lips moisturized and healthy. In fact, I always have a lip balm in all of my coat pockets and in my purse!

lip balmI thought it would be a great time to share a recipe for making an all natural lip balm.

These are super easy to make with natural ingredients that are packed with skin loving oils and butters that will nourish and make your lips healthy. I prefer natural ingredient lip balms myself because we absorb what we put on our skin and even though we don’t intend on eating them, since it’s on your lips, you will likely ingest some.

For containers, you can use either lip balm pots, or jars that you can re-purpose, or you can buy the lip balm containers online.

Here is the recipe; this fills about 9 lip balm tubes.

  • 1/2 Tbsp Beeswax
  • 1 Tbsp Shea, Cocoa or Mango butter
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil of choice, I love peppermint essential oil for a cooling and refreshing lip balm.


  1. Put about an inch of water in the bottom of a small pan and turn on medium-high heat. (turn down the heat if the water is boiling too much)
  2. Place a small jar in the water, being careful not to get any in water inside the jar. *Make sure you do not get any water into the jar. This will spoil your lip balm!*
  3. Place all ingredients except the essential oil inside the glass jar and let them slowly melt.lip balm ingredients
  4. When all ingredients are melted, stir well and turn off heat, but leave jar in the water to keep warm.
  5. Stir in the essential oils.
  6. Remove the jar using a pot holder and place onto an old rag (in case you drop any of the lip balm on it). Wrap the jar with the rag so it keeps warm.
  7. Use a plastic dropper to fill or carefully pour the lip balm into containers (pouring is easier into small jars or pots, the lip balm containers are best used with a dropper). Make sure you use the cloth or pot holders to protect your hands, as the jar will be hot!
  8. Leave the lip balms until completely hardened.
  9. Store in a cool dry place (they will last for at least a year if stored correctly).
  10. Enjoy!

This recipe will make a medium firm lip balm. If you prefer a firmer lip balm, you can add more beeswax. If you prefer a smoother and more oily lip balm, reduce the amount of beeswax or add a bit of soft oil like almond or grape seed. To test, drop a small amount onto a spoon and it will cool quickly to test – if too hard or soft, then adjust to your liking before pouring all of the lip balms.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! They make really awesome gifts. Comment below and let me know what essential oils you enjoy!


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