Am I a Mac or am I a PC?

A bit unrelated to soap… but I thought I’d take a road down my business and everyday choices… Okay, so I have a bit of an identity crises at the moment. Do you remember the Mac commercials starting from 2006 that had a young guy identify himself as a Mac and identified another, older business man, as a PC? (If not, watch 30 seconds of this here). It was basically insinuating that Macs are more reliable, fun, and they were really targeted at a younger generation. But you know, I’ve always identified myself as a PC… even thought they made it out to be a nerdy accountant-type old guy according to these commercials. I am from the generation that had the average-consumer home use computers appear in my pre-teens. I have always loved how PC’s can be pulled apart and upgraded… yeah, they had viruses, but they were more common, and that meant PC’s always had more computer games. 🙂

Something changed a few months ago… I bought a Mac. I KNOW! But before you PC people cast me out of society, hear me out. Some of you may know, I am a Business Analyst as my full time gig. And I admittedly (nerd alert!) enjoy spreadsheets, creating graphs and making data come together in meaningful ways. This is the epitome of PC for me. However, I discovered that the most recent 2016 upgrade to MS Office for Mac, actually allows me to use MS Office in the way that I’m used to on my PC at work. This is huge news for me. I can work easily from home when I need to.

One of the biggest selling features was the fact that I have an iPhone… and sometimes when the pictures go away into their little cloud nests, I can no longer access them due to limited space on my phone, even deleting sometimes wouldn’t let me access them. So that meant no updated blog posts for you, or latest photo of my just made soap? Forget it. WHAT A PAIN… but now I can actually access the cloud that just pulls everything onto my computer… I know I can argue that I could just download the Cloud software onto  a new PC, right? Yeah. But there is something just so satisfying about not having to load another piece of software that may or may not be integrating properly from time to time when it decides they don’t want to talk to each other. Plus, I discovered that I can pull up webpages I was looking at on my iPhone right on my Mac. This isn’t functionality that I need, but hey, it’s there, and it is fun to pull
up my recipe that I just found on my way home that I can read easier on my laptop.

macpostThis may be starting to sound like an ad for Mac, (haha I wish they paid me to write this) but truth is, I have been searching for a good new laptop to replace my 5 year old pc netbook that is too small and slow for anything I want to do. Even though I looked at many, many PC’s and I feel a bit like I’ve sold my essence by hopping to the ‘dark side’, in the first few days of use, I gotta say I love it over here! I know that many argue that PC is getting better, but for me, this currently is the choice for me today, however who knows, you may see me in my PC roots again.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post, I know is a bit less soapy focussed… but I wanted to share – I hope that technology keeps getting better and better, I’m hoping the integration and ease will be the norm for all devices!

What about you? Are you a Mac or a PC?


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