Here’s where we share the love and other helpful comments sent to us from the people who have purchased our products!

To have your testimonials posted, send them to info@alittlesoapybusiness.com, message me on facebook or post your own in the comments below.

Thanks everyone for helping me make this world a natural and healthier place! ~Susan

June 11, 2015, Victoria K from Vancouver, BC wrote:

“I had a crazy allergic reaction to my pregnancy, and had terrible hives on the backs of my arms. Extremely itchy, red, swollen…no matter what I put on it, nothing helped. And then I remembered a friend of mine had told me about your solid lotion bars, and that they were a God sent to her. So I rubbed some on before bed and almost instantly, the itch went away, and the hives that I had scratched so furiously for weeks disappeared. Now my arms are healed and back to normal again! And I’m still pregnant! I was really getting tired of wearing cardigans in the hot sun, so thank you so much!! I can’t believe how well these worked…seriously a miracle.”


Dec 18, 2014, Jennifer H from Cultus Lake, BC wrote:


Here is what I have to say about your lovely gift:

Howe Sound Oatmeal Stout (Beer) Soap – I love the way this soap lathers and leaves your skin soft without drying it out.

Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm – An addictive lip balm that leaves lips soft and smells amazing. It is so addictive that I carried it around in my pocket for an entire morning and used it many times before I realized I was melting it:) I like the slight chocolate smell. I would almost call it chocolate covered raspberry balm.

Chocolate Sugar Scrub Cubes – MMMMMMM…but seriously this scrub made my bumpy and dry skin feel so smooth and soft. I also hate using moisturizer after the shower so this scrub solved that problem because I didn’t need extra moisturizer. This scrub smelled way better then my moisturizer anyway!


October 27, 2014

First up, a thank you card from Diana who asked me to provide some custom Bridal Party favours for her sister’s Bridal Shower. 🙂

Diana's Testimonial

Oct 27, 2014 Thank You So Much A Little Soapy Business!!! The Chai-Spice Soap was a HUGE hit at the bridal shower! It took a while to convince the guests they could not eat the soap!! Everyone loved their gift! Thank you for the personal touch! Diana





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